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GDOP Covenant


This document was signed by the Pastors of Adirondack Churches Together at a joint service during The Global Day of Prayer.

Father in heaven,

As pastors and leaders, we admit that the Body of Christ in the Greater Glens Falls has presented a distorted picture of You.

While You are a God of unity, we have been divided.

While You are generous to us, the undeserving, we have, through attitudes and
    actions, withheld the grace of friendship and care from those whose lives are broken.

While You are the God of truth, we have chosen to walk in the shadows by giving
    preference to our image rather than to our true character.

While You relentlessly pursue the lost, we have withdrawn from the most needy,
    choosing to focus most of our time, energy and resources on those who are already redeemed.

While You are a great and good God, we have chosen to rely on our wisdom and
    strength rather than upon You.

While You look upon the heart, we have chosen to focus on externals, denominational
    labels, styles of worship, and peripheral doctrinal issues.

We repent of the pride, fear, self-sufficiency, competition, and dishonesty that have fractured your beautiful Body.

Before You and these witnesses, we covenant to:

Join together as co-laborers rather than to view each other as competitors.

Pray for one another, endeavoring to live out Christ’s command to bear one another’s burdens.

Rejoice as other congregations experience God’s blessing and to mourn when
    congregations experience division or loss.

Guard our tongues lest we diminish the standing of a leader in the Body of Christ through careless words.

Seek to open avenues for communication and, through communication, to live in unity,
    for when we stand in unity there we will experience Your commanded blessing.

Celebrate our common standing as children of the living God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Rejoice in our unique histories, personalities, and experiences, believing your design
    for the Church includes diversity.

Make the goal of knowing, experiencing, and expressing Christ our highest aim, that
   He might receive honor and glory!

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