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We are living in a day, that when you listen to the news of what is happening around the world it seems that one crisis follows another, war, unrest, famine, death, earthquakes, flooding, economic and financial collapse, and people struggling to survive. Often it appears there are no human or government answers or remedies. We are choosing to live life are own way and ignore the principles and guidelines God has revealed in His word.

In scripture we read how Joel faced a similar crisis, there was nothing he could do himself to change the situation, so he turned to God.

God longs to intervene and be the answer to our crisis situations.

Joel’s response after listening to God:                                                                                              

“Blow a trumpet in Zion, announce a time of fasting, call the people together for a solemn meeting..       BRING EVERYONE… the elders, the children, even the babies, call the bridegroom from his quarters and the bride from her private room”.  In other words DROP EVERYTHING… MAKE THIS A PRIORITY.

 Joel 2:12 “Turn to the Lord, with all your heart” We need to repent…”turn and connect with God”.

We are living in a day when it is time to cry out to God with “OneHeartCry”  We need God to come and heal our land/nation, it is time to repent and turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves, PRAY, seek His face…

We need a JOEL 2 response to cry out to God for revival and awakening in America….

We need revival and awakening in NEW YORK STATE….


We pray that you will choose to partner with us with ‘One Heart Cry” believing God for revival and awakening across New York State. We believe it is God’s heart to breath afresh across this state and nation.

We know this is something the enemy does not want.

I was encouraged recently reading the following, which comes from one of Bob Sorge books.

Bob, writes“Have you ever been seeking God a long time for your breakthrough? Then know this: the devil wants you to give up! He’d like to convince you that God has ignored your prayer or is refusing to act on your behalf. “Face it” your enemy croons “nothing is going to change”.

But you?  You’ve got your fingers wrapped around Promise, your jaw is set, your gaze is fixed and you’ll never stop contending for the release of Kingdom Power and authority in this generation. And because of your tenacity, you now find yourself in the battle of a lifetime. WHY?

Because your prayer life has stirred up a spiritual hornets nest. You’ve become a dangerous endtime weapon in the hand of your God, and your adversary is enraged.

The greatest warfare surrounds your prayer life. Nothing threatens hell more than the praying saint. When your abiding in His presence, clinging to His love, living in His word, holding to His promise, remaining fervent in spirit and believing for His visitation, you’re an explosion waiting to happen.

Don’t think your enemy will let you inhabit God’s promises unchallenged.

When you stand at the throne of God and lift your unrelenting cry to your Judge, always asking and seeking and knocking, you won’t have to go looking for a fight – it will find you. Because your enemy knows if you will just stand there- and never be silent and never lose heart and never give up, but lift your voice to your Judge until He gets justice for you – eventually something is going to happen. It’s inevitable.

You are standing on the platform that rewrites human history, most assuredly, God is going to rise up on your behalf and answer your cry. And the certainty of God’s intervention makes you dangerous to the enemy’s agenda. So he will come against your resolve to pray and will do everything is his power to move you from before the throne.

Anything to get you to shut up!!



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