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Please pray in agreement with me for a REVIVAL in the Adirondack Region of the Kingdom. Pray for me as I begin to follow Gods leading and organize a community wide prayer walk. Pray for open and receptive hearts, that hundreds - even thousands would take to the streets and declare boldy and with authority that the we are reclaiming our region in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray for God to heal divisions, to reveal and distinguish Himself in Honor. Pray that He will transform and motivate His people to worship, serve, honor and exalt Him. Pray for the Pastors, leaders, educators, media and business owners to be filled with vision, faith and love for the people that they serve. Pray that the lost would be drawn to Jesus to lay down the burden of prideful, self-sufficiency and humble themselves to the One who is ALL Sufficient. Pray for insight, focus and protection as we move against the enemy. Pray for a Victory that is most Glorious to our Lord!


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