We want to briefly address the most frequently asked questions regards 24-7 prayer.

Q. How do you pray for 24 hours?
A. Get creative with the time slots. Break a 24-hour day up into smaller time frames. This may be half-hour to two-hour time slots, depending on what feels comfortable for your church or ministry. You might want to consider longer time slots for the night hours.

Q. How can you make sure the prayer room is secure during the night hours?
A. This can be handled in a variety of ways, but here are some suggestions:

Q. How do you handle covering the night hours?
A. Consider having a youth or young adult lock-in. Set-up teams, making sure that you have appropriate gender ratios established. If you are setting up teams, identify a team leader who will be ultimately responsible for the prayer set.

Q. Do you have to sign up for a time slot?
A. It is helpful to have people sign up so that you know where you have empty time slots. Bear in mind you will not usually have your schedule completed prior to the event. Keep the sign-up sheet in the prayer room, as people may come once, encounter the Lord, and decide they want to come back!

Q. Can other people show up if someone else already signed up for a slot?
A. Absolutely! Just encourage people to be sensitive to those who are already in the room praying.

Q. What about music?
A. We would strongly encourage praise & worship. It can be used during prayer times. When possible use worship leaders/teams. It is also strongly suggested that you have a CD player with a variety of worship music available in the prayer room.

Q. What is the format for the prayer house? Can we pray aloud, or does it have to be quiet?
A. The format can be whatever you determine it to be. You can have predetermined times of quiet prayer or organized sets that include a worship team and prayer leader or anything in between. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide the prayer times.

Q. Is there a focus or a theme for the prayer time?
A. The focus for “OneHeartCry 24/7” is to see the Church united in prayer for revival, awakening and transformation in New York State; however, we also desire to give freedom to the Holy Spirit to direct prayer to whatever is on the heart of God at the moment. Revival breaks out among us when the focus of our prayer time becomes a time that promotes prayer and worship.