Prayerwalking Your City or Neighborhood

As part of the Global Day of Prayer "Days of Blessing" we are seeking to "Prayerwalk"  the whole of our region. Prayerwalking is a simple way of blessing the communities in which we live. It is also a means of seeing lives, communities and nations changed by the power of prayer.

When we think of a traditional church prayer meeting, more often than not it brings to mind a small gathering, often lacking in real vision and direction. Such meetings have been going on for years, normally attended by less than a majority of church members.

Prayerwalking is simple to do and can involve every one of us.

Praywalking "takes the walls off the church", and allows us to "pray on site with insight",  We find ourselves praying for other churches, schools, homes, neighborhoods and community needs.

We encourage you prayerwalk your street, neighborhood, in faith and let’s believe together for God  to bring transformation to lives, and to our communities.

 When you have prayerwalked a street please fill in the form below so that we can record it on the map.